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Meeting Minutes

posted May 8, 2013, 5:25 PM by Glenn Reynolds   [ updated Jun 14, 2013, 7:16 AM by Marian Harris ]

Minutes of EAA Chapter 639 /Half Moon Bay Pilots Association meeting held on Wed.13 February 2013 
  at Eddie Andreini"s hanger at 7pm

1. JB Cockrell talked in support of the recall vote of 3 of the 5 current Fire District Members.   He has worked to support the recall because he believes Cal Fire has and will continue to provide better Fire Protection than an independent locally run Fire District.   JB has declared himself a candidate to be a replacement  Director and asked for donations for his campaign.

2.  This year's Dream Machine falls on 27th & 28 April.   A meeting will be held on 26 Feb at 9am on the first floor, Hall of Justice, San Mateo to review this event.

3.  Brent informed members that he shall go to Hong Kong next week and will stay there for 3-4 months.   He will not be able to participate this year's Dream Machine.

3.  Eddie Jr. stressed the importance of keeping people behind the robe for safety.   He would see that help is available to park the planes, garbage disposal etc….

4. Glenn will try to recruit about 20 volunteers from San Carlos, Hayward & Concord airport.
He will send out notices to aviation schools in the Bay Area to draw people to the Dream Machine.  

5.  Glenn wanted to stop vendors from setting up their tent, equipment etc earlier than Friday the 26th April for safety reason.   They might run into aircrafts in the airport .

6. Sweat shirt will be given to the Control Tower staff.

7.  A member mentioned the important role of HMB Coastside Adult Day Health Center.   A bus service is provided to bring the senior citizens to socialize, for therapy or nursing care, or psychology support etc….
Money raised by the Dream Machine event will help finance all those functions.

8.  Thomas will prepare sandwiches, drinks and BBQ for the volunteers.

9.  George Auld asked for assistance to help painting the control tower.

10.  After the Dream Machine,  members will look into the possibility of organizing HMB Kid's Day in September 2013.

11.  There being no other business, the meeting adjured at 8:35pm

12. Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 13 March 2013 at 7pm. at __________

13. Number of members attending :    


Prepared by Thomas Lee, Secretary EAA Chapter 639.

Draft Minutes of HMB Pilots Association and EAA.doc.gdoc
Marian Harris,
May 13, 2013, 9:46 AM