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Draft May 2013 Meeeting Minutes

Minutes of Half Moon Bay Pilots Association & EAA Chapter 639 Meeting on 8 May 2013 at 3/0 Cafe

1. Glenn, President of Pilots Association, would like to get feedback from members on Dream Machine in order to plan for next year.

2. One member observed that there were about 50 cops and 25 military people there.    Glenn explained that civilians were dressed up like military to do a reenactment in order to attract and stimulate the visitors.    Sheriffs were posted next to airplane riders to make sure they did not carry a weapon eg. knife or gun.    The Civil Air Patrol are responsible for crowd control e.g. to keep visitors from a moving propeller, especially photographers.    

Glenn would review the utilization and the size of each group of volunteers.

3.  The Tenants access to the runway was discussed with considerable concern by multiple persons that the  plan presented by dream machines was not followed.  For the record, the tenant access plan is a dream machines contract requirement that tenants have access to the runway on all days except for SAT and SUN of the event.  It was the opinion of multiple tenants that this access plan was not followed by dream machines staff and access to the runway was hampered, restricted or impeded, for Thursday  Friday, Saturday  Sunday and Monday.  Examples sited include but are not limited to: portable toilets blocking the south side of the south hangers, barricades requiring removal, cars trucks etc.  After a heated discussion on the failure of Dream Machines to adhere to their access plan a unanimous vote was taken for NO obstruction to the south hangers what so ever, and full access to all tenants all days.  Attendees felt strongly that the cause may be a good one, but the lack of respect to the tenants rights and access plan was no long acceptable to the tenants.

4.  It had been decided that there would be no Air Boss in the next DM event.
It was suggested that instead of an air boss we have a weather and flying coordinator team.  The County airport operations director and Eddie Senior were selected for this team and will make the final call on airport flying conditions (VFR, IFR).  This would be mandatory for all airplanes with a contract to fly at an event (ride operators, show aircraft), 

5.  During DM, all hanger doors were closed.   Members remarked that in other airports on Airport Day,  many hangers are opened to show their plane, with relatives for BBQ etc.   

6.  Glenn felt that we had enough volunteers to handle and marshal airplanes on one day only,  not for two days.   We need to find ample staff in future and  schedule them evenly on both days.   A volunteer coordinator would be assigned for the task.  

7. It was proposed to assign a day as a Tree Day in HMB airport to plant trees. 9 March 2014 is Arbor Day and the concept is to plant five native trees and remove five non-native invasive trees.

8.  HMB airport is in Class G airspace, and to supply weather information to pilots, it was suggested to put up a large poster board on guidelines e.g. weather minimum etc.  In Discussing ways to improve the safety of visiting pilots to HAF especially for events the following safety suggestions were tendered:
    A) use class D airspace which requires different weather minimums (this requires research to determine how this is done).
    B) Use educational signage etc to explain the hazards of fog to novices
    C) Informally arrange for hotel, house, room, transport, for stuck pilots to reduce the perceived need to leave.

9.  Glenn shared his experience with members that when he flew to other airports,  people offered him transportation, meal or overnight accommodation.  
On a personal basis, HMB pilots may offer the same to visiting pilots.  

10.  There will be two events at San Carlos airport -- 
        a) Young Eagles Day on 22 May.
        b)  Airport Day on 22 June .

Members are asked to participate.

11.  Gretchen, the airport manager, gave an update on HMB airport project....
the fuel tank is under repair, the airport building will be painted, wind sock to be replaced  etc..

12. George Auld gave a Financial report on Pilots Association --- the income and expenses of the Dream Machine.

13.   Glenn thanked Jae's help to work on the Pilots Association website:--

It is being updated with more current information and the latest news surrounding the airport. Hopefully, it becomes a useful and relevant resource for information for the public and pilots alike. The layout and content may change as it is a work in progress. Members are asked to give feedback and contribute to the website e.g. announcements, photos, and news.

14. There being no other business, the meeting adjured at 8:30pm.

15. Date of the next meeting:   Wednesday 12 June 2013 at 7pm, venue to be announced.

16. Number of Members attending: 11    ( Glenn Reynolds, Eddie Andrenin, George Auld, Thomas Lee, Jae Chang, Dave Williams,  Gretchen Kelly, Arash Aryana,  Chinmay Patel, Rusty Tate, Jim William)

Prepared by Thomas Lee, Secretary of EAA Chapter 639.  edited by Glenn Reynolds (requires Five Members approval to move from draft to posted)