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Items pilots need edification on:

This list is a "capture" list of topics which pilots are requesting further dialog.  Please bear in mind some of these issues will resolve with a simple explanation.  Some will require modifications to the standard operating procedures for the airport and may be several years out.   
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StatusOwnerFeatureDesign (URL)
StatusOwnerFeatureDesign (URL)
Captured JB Concession fee for flight instruction link to google document 
On going not assigned Noise Abatement  
captured  awos could be shorter?  
captured  campaign for a more positive aviation attitude  
captured  could the airport allow camping?  
Captured  no bike policy is silly  
captured  pilots association should participate in chamber of commerce  
work in progress Glenn Airport Infomecial link to our presentation 
Live Glenn create a google calendar for the airport Link to google calendar 
captured  Repair North Culverts which are failing  
captured  Tee Hanger repair status and issues  
captured  White lines for parking areas and no airplane areas  
mission statement  improve support for aviation at the airport  
translated  how issues are addressed to airport users  
captured  reckless driving by some police driving trainies  
Done not assigned Invite airport personnel to our meetings  
work in progress not assigned Bathroom facilities for North Hangers  
Discussed with Mark Larson Glenn Reynolds Better access to trash disposal  
resolved jb can we eliminate the displaced threshold?  
captured brian branscomb could the airport allow RC use?  
Showing 20 items